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Your carefully chosen curtains and drapes live life with you and your family every day, and most people only get them cleaned once a year! It is recommended that they be treated seasonally. Links wants to help families live life to the fullest and not let allergens, bacteria, and other contaminants prevent your family from enjoying what really matters…your time together.

Drape Treatment


For maximum peace of mind, Links uses a fire-retardant treatment that will brings your home an added level of peace. Regardless of size, material, or location, our service team will ensure the delicate handling of your window dressings while removing allergens and harmful environmental contaminants. 

Small Jobs

For smaller jobs, our capable team will tend to your curtains or drapes in home or you are welcome to come and drop them off at any of our DFW area locations, or contact us and we will pick them up at your convenience through our free valet delivery service.

Large Jobs

For larger jobs, our team of specially trained cleaners will come and take care of your window dressings in home, with our state-of-the art equipment, designed  for on-site cleaning and treating larger drapes. Links is here to provide customers with the convenience and peace of mind they deserve!

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